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Windows & Door Maintenance


Adjusting and cleaning uPVC windows and doors

Although replacement PVCu window and door products are predominately maintenance free, the following guidelines should ensure that you receive many years of trouble free service, and will help you with adjusting and cleaning uPVC windows and doors.


Due to normal operation and atmospheric conditions, the moving mechanical parts of the doors and windows may require lubrication.

Keep plates, locks and hinges of both windows and doors will benefit from a light application of oil/grease to the contact area of moving parts.

As a general rule, lubrication should be required once every 12 months depending on usage. Please use silicone spray, not WD40, as this can become tacky.

NB: Under no circumstances attempt to dismantle any components. If you require further assistance please contact us.

PVCu Frames – White

Under normal circumstances the washing down of window and door profiles with diluted washing up liquid and water will suffice. However, where more stubborn marks or a build up of atmospheric grime exist, a non-abrasive cream cleaner specially designed for PVCu profile should be used.

Apply the cleaner to the affected area using a dry clean cloth. Use sparingly applying gentle pressure in small circular motions. Buff back to a shine.

PVCu Frames – Woodgrain

To clean woodgrain frames use only diluted washing up liquid and water.

NB: Under no circumstances use any other cleaner than those advised by your supplier. Other cleaners not recommended may have an adverse effect on the surface finish of your windows.

Friction Stay Adjustment

The majority of opening windows are fitted with a friction stay, which is a type of hinge that controls the opening of the window itself. This is factory set so that the window neither closes under its own weight or is overly difficult to open and close. After a period of time, the friction pad may wear making the opener loose in operation. To adjust you can take a small bladed screwdriver and turn the screw by half a turn clockwise. The same adjustment should be made equally to each pair of hinges. If this adjustment is insufficient then carry on turning the screw in half turn increments until the desired amount of friction is achieved. If the opener is very stiff in operation, turn the screw by a quarter turn increments anticlockwise until desired result is achieved. NB: If you have difficulty in making the above adjustment, please contact us for guidance.

UPVc Doors – Challenger Plus Door Hinge Adjustment

Compression Door Hinge Adjustment

Compression adjustment +0.5mm/-0.5mm 5mm allen key.

To adjust the hinge first remove top cap. Next check the pin alignment via mark on top of pin, if the mark is pointing towards the door sash the adjustment is in the neutral settings. To increase compression turn the pin so that the alignment mark is moved towards the door frame.To reduce compression turn the pin so that the alignment mark moves away from the frame.

Vertical Door Hinge Adjustment

Vertical adjustment +3.0mm/0.0 5mm allen key

To adjust the hinge first remove bottom cap. To raise the door sash rotate the vertical adjustment screw clockwise, ensure that all the other hinges are adjusted equally. If you need to lower the door sash, rotate the vertical adjustment screw anti clockwise, ensure that all the other hinges are adjusted equally.

Lateral Door Hinge Adjustment

Lateral adjustment +4.0mm/-4.00mm (4mm allen key)

To adjust this hinge first remove the side cover caps. Next rotate the lateral adjustment drives in the direction required, ensure that each pair of alignment marks are at the same point.

It is not recommended to fully adjust one adjuster only or one hinge only, adjustments should be made gradually aligning each pair of marks on each hinge until desired adjustment achieved.

Composite Door Hinge Adjustment


Fensa Certificates

These are provided when you need one. You do not require a FENSA certificate for any doors that are less than 50% glass in area. For conservatories and porches you do not need a certificate if the internal door remains into the property.

If you have lost your certificate you can get a copy here.


Transfer of Guarantee

The original purchaser of any product from Academy Home Improvements is entitled to the benefit of any relevant supplier’s Guarantee where we (Academy) are able to obtain such benefit.

In the event that the property is sold or transferred to a new owner, Academy will, at it’s absolute discretion, allow the transfer of any remaining Guarantee, provided the products have been serviced and maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions and that no accidental or malicious damage has occurred.

Any such transfer will be subject to the following fees;

Window & Door and Roofline Contracts

1% of the Total Original Contract Value for every full year of the Guarantee remaining

Conservatory, Kitchen & Bedroom Contracts

Original Total Contract value;
Up to £10,000 – Cost is £500
Up to £15,000 – Cost is £750
£15,000 & Over – Cost is £1000

All figures include Vat @ 20% and are subject to change without notice.



Customers in the European Union have the right to withdraw from the purchase of an item within seven days, with the exception of customised goods specifically made to order.
All of our products & services are covered by the statutory right to cancellation within seven days, with the exception of bespoke or customised items (including, but not limited to, made-to-order windows, doors, conservatories, kitchens & bedrooms) made to your specification.

Returns Policy

We are confident that you will be delighted with your purchase. If, however, you are not completely satisfied, we offer a 14 Day Returns Policy. You can return your item(s) to us within 14 working days of delivery for exchange or refund. Your statutory rights are not affected.

Exceptions from 14 Day Returns Policy – Customised goods
After the statutory seven day cancellation period, our 14 Days Returns Policy does not apply to goods specially made to order, customised or personalised to your requirements.

How to cancel or arrange a return, exchange or refund

To cancel an order or return any products to us please contact us at quoting your name & address in any correspondence can help us process your return/refund more efficiently.

Please indicate your reason for return, and whether you would like an exchange or a refund.

Enclose a brief covering note with your details along with a copy of your contract.

Carefully and securely pack the items in suitable packaging to prevent damage during return transit. If possible, return the original packaging.

Address the parcel to;
Academy Home Improvements, Unit 8c Weldale Street, Reading, Berkshire RG1 7BX

For your protection, we recommend that you return your item by Royal Mail Special Delivery. This will insure you against the loss of or damage to your returned goods.

When returning items you are strongly recommended to obtain proof of posting and keep it safe.

We cannot accept responsibility for returned goods lost or damaged in transit – it is your responsibility to take reasonable care of the goods.

Please note that you will be responsible for the costs of returning the items to us.

Complaints Procedure