Window Prices

How Much are Double Glazing uPVC Window Prices & Costs in UK 2022?

Installing new windows will improve the energy efficiency of your home. Keeping the heat in and the cold out whilst saving you money on fuel bills, especially if you opt for the latest triple glazed windows. New windows will also reduce noise from busy roads and flight paths and you will in turn reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment.

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Double Window Costs

The cost of the windows in the image are at a fixed size and are ‘A’ Rated white uPVC casement double glazing windows. The basic window cost below is meant as a guide for you to have an idea of what the window prices will be.

The cost of your replacement windows will vary depending on, how many windows you’re replacing and what shape, size, type of frames and the energy rating glass you choose.

How much does it cost for new uPVC windows in the UK?

For a standard-size, double-sided, 2-pane, single opener ‘A’ Rated (energy efficient) White uPVC window prices, expect to pay an average of between £850 and £900, per window including VAT & installation.

How much does it cost for new double-glazed windows in a 3 bed house in the UK?

The cost of double glazing varies from house to house. The style, size and number of windows will have an impact on the amount you pay, but on average a typical three bedroom house will normally cost between £6000 and £9,000.

What is the best type of double glazing in the UK?

Double glazing consists of double glass window panes separated by a vacuum or other Argon gas filled space to reduce heat transfer across the window surface area. The best modern, low-maintenance Double Glazed windows come in a UPVC frame meaning no painting is required. For the vast majority of UK homes this is the most common type of window installed.