Triple Glazing Windows

Perfect for excellent energy efficiency and sound proofing

With triple glazing options you can specify superior thermal insulation and noise reduction in any frame of your choice. Academy advanced triple glazed units are engineered to give you a comfortable, secure, quiet, energy-efficient home.

Every triple glazed energy efficient window we install is fully guaranteed against failure for 10 years.

Up to 40% greater thermal efficiency than A-rated double glazing.

Up to 60% more efficient than C-rated double glazed windows.

Cuts down noise from outside.

In today’s world, it’s difficult to avoid external noise. Whether you live near a major road, under a flight path or near some vocal wildlife, noise pollution can be a cause of major disruption. As well as two Argon Gas filled spaces sandwiching the extra glass pane, triple glazing features an additional 12mm cavity.
The insulation coupled with our high performance warm edge spacer allows Academy triple glazed units to dramatically reduce external noise pollution.

Reduce wasted energy with triple glazing. Cut bills.

Choosing triple glazing has the potential to further reduce the heat loss from windows. It can perform up to a third better than double glazing, and is ideal for large glazed areas. In fact, triple glazing could reduce your total heating costs by up to £766 a year.

triple glazing

Reduced condensation with triple glazing

The air in homes often has a high moisture content. Whenever we cook, bathe or even breathe, we increase water vapour. When saturated air contacts a cold surface, condensation forms, promoting bacterial growth and mould. Both can compound respiratory problems such as asthma.
With lower heat loss at the edges, our triple glazed windows are typically 4% warmer than those with metal spacer bars, reducing condensation by up to 80%.

Security is our priority

Industry leading security, intelligent thinking. Windows & doors are at the heart of your homes security, and we design our products to ensure that visitors to your home are the only welcome ones. With multi-point high security locking you know our products will take your security seriously.


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