Tilt and Turn Windows

The tilt and turn windows have an inward opening window with both a side and bottom-hung function allowing for greater ventilation and ease of cleaning. 

Tilt and turn windows can be operated to open at the top and bottom, or hinged at the side. To place the window in the tilt action state you would turn the handle 180 degrees. The uPVC tilt and turn windows also have a turn like a normal window, where the handle turns 90 degrees to open in the turn state as you can see from the image below. These windows are designed to allow for a larger opening thus allowing it to be used for fire escapes.

Tilt and turn windows are a flexible way to provide a larger opening where you need it, they are available with a variety of glazing options, and frame colours. This means that these windows are flexible as well as stylish, and will look great in your home. All of our windows are energy efficient, so they will keep the heat in and your bills down. If you have a window that you’d like to be able to open fully then these windows are the answer.

Tilt and TurnWindows

Academy Windows Tilt and Turn windows open in both directions, as the pictures show. These windows are perfect for extra ventilation and providing a fire escape. 

Tilt and turn windows
Tilt and turn windows

Double Glazing

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