T Shaped Conservatory

T-Shaped is one of the larger conservatory styles.


It is a combination style conservatory, which means it combines, two styles of conservatories. A T-shaped conservatory runs along the one side of the house with a central projection in the middle, forming the T-shape. The long part of the conservatory is usually Victorian or Georgian in style with the central projection acting as a contrasting Victorian, Georgian or Gable conservatory style.

Because of the length it is well suited to larger properties and larger gardens. The central projection works superbly well in bringing the garden into the home and is often used as a garden room. Adding in French doors and a porch effect with steps leading down into a large garden can really add a sense of drama to your garden.

It is important to decide what you will use this large conservatory for. The combination style offers you versatility in its usage.For example, you could use the main part as a dining area with the projection as a garden room or, if you have children, you may wish to use this central part as a distinct play area for them. Because the T-shape can run the length of the back of your house it can be used to house an indoor swimming pool should you so desire.

You may wish to include some decorative glass to add interest and finishes to such a big expanse of glass or you may choose to add more brickwork, making it appear as more of an extension. Whatever your preference the T-shape conservatory offers a flexible living space for the larger properties and families.

T-Shaped Conservatory

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