Sliding Sash Windows

Our sliding uPVC sash windows have been designed to replicate the original box sash windows installed in the past.

These windows have been designed to replicate as close as possible the original box sash windows installed in the past. This means older period houses can retain their character whilst enjoying the energy saving of new windows. You don’t have to own an older property to install these windows, new houses also benefit from the traditional look and feel.

Modern uPVC Sash windows are very versatile, and they will last a lot longer than the older timber windows. They will not rot, rust, peel or flake, making them an ideal low maintenance product for your home. Our traditional style windows are available in a range of frame colours, these include white, cream, Oak, and Rosewood. The style of traditional windows without having to paint them regularly.

These modern windows are an upgrade to older wooden windows. As well as sliding, the uPVC double glazed sash windows are hinged to allow for added ventilation and for ease of cleaning. Today’s modern double glazing will keep you warm and save you money on your heating bills making them a good investment. These windows will also enhance the look of your property both inside and out and will add overall value to your home.

Traditional Styling with Modern Energy Saving

Our sliding sash windows come with a range of design options to enhance your home. You can choose from mock horns, to achieve the appearence of a traditional sliding window. Also Georgian bars, which insert a shaped bar in between the glass panes, or Astrical Bars. These are similar to Georgian Bars, but have a shaped bar on top of the glass panes, creating depth to the design. Whichever style you choose they provide modern energy saving and convenience with traditional styling. All of our new windows have an A energy rating, by replacing older single glazed windows you will reduce your heating costs by up to 20%. You will feel the difference in your home for years to come.


Sliding Sash Windows
Sliding Sash Windows


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