P Shaped Conservatory

The P-Shape conservatory is a great option for larger properties.

These conservatories are especially good for those with larger families as it offers versatility with its dual usage. Great for when compromise is necessary to please everyone!

The P-shaped conservatory is a combination of a large Victorian conservatory with a Lean-to attached to it. If dual-usage is what your conservatory needs then this is the conservatory type for you. For example, you can a have a relaxing area for the adults and a playing area for the children or you could use the larger area for dining and the smaller area for a home bar if entertaining and socialising are important to your lifestyle.

The size of each area can be adapted to suit your needs and suit your house and garden. Whilst this is a large conservatory style suited to larger properties it can be designed to only take up the necessary room without overtaking your garden. The rounded Victorian part of the conservatory can be designed to be either 3 or 5 faceted and the Lean-to part can have a traditional lean-to roof or a hipped one. These conservatories can be the perfect addition to any home, adding both value and space.

Conservatory Design

Your P-Shape conservatory can be made with your choice of finishes, glass or features. Whether that’s an aluminium frame, the latest technological triple glazing or more brickwork, these decisions are up to you. We can help you to choose the right brick finish to blend in with your exisitng home.

The Academy team will help you make an informed decision so that you get an conservatory that meets your families needs.

p shaped conservatory


If you have any questions, or would like a quote please get in touch.