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Aluminium Sliding Doors

Elegant sliding doors

Origin sliding doors can create large panels of glass with very small sightlines. You choose the configurations, with a fixed panel, or all panels that slide to open up your room to the garden. This gives the look of a wall of glass, whilst still being secure and thermally efficient. Create a feeling of light and space inside your home, just by adding external glass sliding doors.  

The Artsan Slider

This OS-20 has ultra slim sightlines of just 20mm. These barely visable sightlines make it look like a wall of glass, which give a widescreen view of your world.

Aluminium door frames

Patio Slider

Our patio sliding doors come in three options with sightlines of 29mm (OS-29), 44mm (OS-44) and 77mm (OS-77). This allows you to choose to maximse the amount of glass, or go for a more traditional style.

Aluminium sliding doors
Energy efficient doors
Large sliding patio doors

Origin Sliding Doors

Tailor your sliding doors to your requirements. We can help you to decide with configuration would be right for you. Once you have decided on your configuration, size, system type and sightline, colour and handle style we will provide your perfect doors. All of our doors are ultra secure and thermally efficient to keep your home safe and comfortable all year round.

Origin sliding doors
Origin sliding doors