How do you choose a colour for your front door?

This can be quite tricky, especially if more than one person has to agree. Choosing a colour scheme for your home is a very personal thing, if you paint your hallway and you decide it’s not quite right you can always re-paint it. If you get the colour wrong of your new composite door it’s more of a problem!

So which colour is best? This is an impossible question to answer definitively as it depends on the style of the exterior, where your home is situated, as well as the preferences of the occupants. Estate agents say that blue or green doors are best when selling your home, and not to go for anything too unusual, as it might put some buyers off. Having said that we think if you love it and want to stay there for some time you should go for the colour that makes you happy. Sometimes a more quirky colour can make your home stand out for all the right reasons.

blue front door
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Blue doors

Blue comes in such a wide range of colours, from dark midnight blues to soft powder blue and light baby blue there’s a lot to choose from! If you have a house in a small village that is made of Cotswold stone then a duck egg blue will look perfect. If you’re living by the sea you might want to opt for a stronger, brighter blue which will go with a coastal vibe. Dark royal blues look great against red brick.

Try to consider the colours on the front of your home before making a decision, you also need to think about the doors design and the finish you have chosen. Some colours look too bright if they’re in a glossy finish, where others will look classy. When Dulux announced Bright Skies to be it’s colour of the year 2022 you can see how popular blue is for home decor, it’s the fourth most popular colour for front doors in the UK. Blue feels tranquil, reminding us of blue skies on a summers day. A blue front door is appealing to most people, and it’s the most popular with estate agents, so if you’re unsure it’s a safe colour to choose.

Green doors

Green is a welcoming colour and really suits a house with a painted white facade. From pastel greens with a period feel to olive greens or soft leaf green, shades of green remind us of nature and are relaxing. A green front door could be the perfect, welcoming choice for your home.

period green front door
gloss black door

Grey Doors

Grey front doors are the most popular colour choice for 2022 in the UK. They can look very classy with a crisp white door frame and a mid or dark grey door. A clean fresh look for the front of your home. Grey is more popular in cities and towns than in the county or by the coast. Light greys are seen to be comforting, whilst darker greys appear to be more sophisticated. Whatever shade of grey you choose it will look best if dressed with the right letterbox and knocker to add interest.

Black Doors

Black doors were the second most popular choice for 2022, but they look like they might be the top choice for 2023! Think the black door at 10 Downing St and you’ll see how professional a black door can look, especially if you live in a smart Georgian town house. A classic, timeless colour it doesn’t suit all homes. It would look too dark on a country cottage, so you need to consider the rest of your surroundings.

Red Doors

Red is seen by some cultures as lucky, this can be a reason to choose a red door. It’s bright and cheerful, welcoming you to the property. It can also be seen as a bit aggressive, so you want to be sure if you choose it your home stands out for all the right reasons. A red front door can look great on a red brick property, or with a white painted exterior. If you have a garden full of red roses a red front door could be the perfect choice!

White Doors

A new crisp white door looks lovely, and provides contrast if your home is dark stone, or painted a dark colour. It’s the third most popular colour for front doors in the UK this year, and it’s a colour that is universally liked. The only drawback if you opt for a white door is you’ll have to make sure you keep it clean, as it will show the dirt more than the other colours.

The Rest of the Rainbow

You can choose your front door your way, we can make it any RAL colour you like! From sunshine yellow to the palest pink if it’s your favourite, or you just think it will look perfect we’ll be able to help you. Funky colours such as orange, pink and purple look great on front doors on coastal properties and in places such as Notting Hill. Some places look great with vibrant colours, you just need to carefully consider your surroundings to ensure you will love your new front door.

Why not take a look at our huge range of doors, you can choose the style and colour and get a free, no obligation quote. If you’re not sure what to choose please come into our showroom where we will be able to help you and answer all of your questions.

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