Getting New Windows?

You’ve decided to invest in some lovely new, energy efficient double glazed (or even triple glazed) windows, how exciting! Once you’ve got an installation date you might be wondering if there’s anything that you need to do before the team arrive to install your windows. Our fitters are very experienced and will install your new windows efficiently, but there are a few things you can do to help them out.

Clear Space

Any items of furniture in front of the windows could be cleared away. That nice chest of drawers or a dining table pushed up against the wall can be moved so that it’s easy to reach the window, this is very helpful. It’s amazing how much ends up on our window sills, in our house we have pot plants, toys and pots of pens! This clutter is easy to move, and it will save time when the window fitters arrive if everything’s out of the way.

Something else to think about is any blinds or curtains that you have fitted. If curtains can be pulled out of the way they won’t need to be taken down. Some people like to remove them and take the opportunity to wash them so the windows are all spotlessly clean, this is up to you! Blinds that are fitted closely against the window frame should be removed, most are easy enough to pop out of their fittings. If your curtains or blinds are particularly delicate it’s a really good idea to just remove them whilst the work is happening.

New double glazing
New double glazing


Another thing to consider whenever you’re having work done on your house (not just windows) are your pets. If you have nervous pets you might want to ensure they’re kept well away from any workmen in your home. We don’t want to stress out the smallest members of your family! Any dogs that might be upset or feel threatened by people coming into their home should be kept away from the fitters. If there’s a dog sitter or member of the family that can take them for the day that’s a great solution. If they have to stay at home it’s not a problem. The fitters will only work in one or two rooms at a time, so you can shut the dog away from the work in another room. This ensures the safety of the window fitters and your pet, so it’s worth it.

You can expect our fitters to take great care of your home, they will clean and tidy up once they’ve finished and your new windows will be looking great for years to come!