Lean-To Conservatory

The most affordable of all the conservatories can be the Lean-To style.


It is called a lean-to because it appears to be leaning onto the house. One of the reasons it is more affordable is because it simply has one sloping rectangular roof with no ridge crests or detailed finishes to think about adding.

If you live in a small property, a bungalow or another type of one-storey building this is the type of conservatory for you. A Lean-To is not restricted to these type of properties but because of the low roof it makes it ideal for smaller properties.

They can make an elegant, simple and stylish garden room for many properties but the simplicity of it lends itself well to a modern property. The clean lines and unfussy look of the conservatory blends beautifully with a contemporary house. As with all of our conservatories, great care is taken to match your homes brickwork with the dwarf wall brickwork of the conservatory, making sure it blends beautifully together and looks like a natural extension of your house.

With this is mind, this type of conservatory can lend itself to older style properties as well. When attention to details like this is thought of you can seamlessly add a modern, clean simple looking conservatory to your period property, giving you somewhere to go which is a refreshing change from your usual environment.

Again, you have the choice of colour, materials, glass and what type of doors you would prefer to have to get your perfect Lean-to conservatory.

glass lean to conservatory

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