Lantern Conservatory

The original design of the conservatory which harks back to a time of an era gone by is the Lantern design.


It’s distinguished roof is ornate and beautiful to look at. It is known for its two-tiered effect. The two tiers are separated by a row of highly stylish windows, adding to its grandeur along with the important ridge crests and finishing’s on the roof. This row of windows also bring extra ventilation options.

If you have the budget you can add this stunning addition to your home and because of the ornate nature of the Lantern shape it is much more suited to period properties, especially large detached houses. A grand period property can be let down by installing a standard conservatory and one needs to get the balance right by installing an equally grand conservatory.

As you would imagine, the extra glass in the roof allows for more stunning views of the sky and more light to flood into your conservatory. The extra height from inside the Lantern conservatory gives you that feeling of splendour and majesty you expect from a period style room.

Whatever your decisions regarding how much brickwork you want, what type of material you want to use for the frame, what type of glass you want to use and what style of door opening you want the Academy team will help you make the right choice for you and your property.

Lantern conservatory

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