Glass Extension Conservatory

Creating a dynamic contemporary veranda glass extension.

People today want something more contemporary added to their house rather than a traditional type of conservatory. Hence, the Glass Extension was born. This is an ultra-modern type of conservatory with very little framework and lots of glass. It is fantastic if you prefer something with clean lines and an unfussy finish.

A Glass Extension typically takes the shape of a Lean-To conservatory because of its simplicity or often it is driven by the bespoke design of the client. With the modern advancements in glass technology it is no longer like living in a greenhouse. Todays triple glazing ensures you have a room which is comfortable all year round. With dual solar control and thermal insulation your glass works hard to keep the heat in and the suns heat out, making it energy efficient.

Modern Conservatories

A Glass Extension is very easy on the eye and captures a real wow factor. This is because it lets in the ultimate amount of light and, at the same time, offers uninterrupted views of your garden and outside surroundings. They are often personalised with the addition of bi-folding doors. These striking doors can open up one whole side of your glass extension, seamlessly bringing the outside in.


Glass extension conservatory
glass extension conservatory