Garden Rooms 

In the past a garden room has been like a summer house, the perfect space for enjoying your garden when the weather is fine, somewhere to entertain your friends in the summer. With the new technology built in to our garden rooms they can be far more than this.

They are fully insulated, with multi foil honeycomb insulation and double glazed windows and doors, so they are comfortable all year round. This means they don’t have to be just a summer house, they can have a lot of different uses.

Garden party
Garden room uses home office

Office Space

Since the first lockdown having a home office space in your home has been more important than ever. Some of us have managed to get back to our offices, but I think home working is here to stay, even if it’s just a few days a week. The flexibility to have a separate work space away from the distractions in the home can transform your work life balance.

Garden rooms make a very useful office space. They’re much more cost effective than moving to a larger house or hiring a shared office space, with the advantage of more security and peace than a shared space. I have seen people working from pubs as well as libraries and dedicated shared office spaces, whilst your garden room doesn’t unfortunately come with a bar it will provide a more professional and peaceful working environment! It will add value to your home as well as giving you the space you need whenever you need it.

Gym or Hobby Room

Garden rooms have other uses too, the only limit to the way you use the new space is your imagination! If you’ve always wanted your own gym that is a great use for a garden room, you could even put a hot tub in the garden and use it as your own private gym and spa. If you have a hobby that needs more room, or is driving your family crazy moving it out to a garden room could be the answer. Whether it’s model railways or learning to play the trumpet an extra space away from the house is perfect.

Extra Space

If your house is becoming too small for family to come and stay you could turn your garden room into a guest room. We all find we out grow our homes as our families grow. Sometimes you want to have family to stay but have to move children out of their rooms to accommodate visitors. This isn’t ideal, as we’ve all had to put up with grumpy kids arguing first thing in the morning because they need their own space. If your garden room can provide a guest bedroom it’s a very useful space. When you don’t have visitors the space could be used as a home cinema room, games room, or just a place for your kids to meet up with their friends. Giving everyone the room they need, making your home a happier place to be. With the clever use of furniture that has multiple uses such as sofa beds and folding tables your garden room can have more than one use.

Garden room

Whatever you use the extra room for you can make it personal. By considering how you’d like to use it, and the furniture you’ll need before you select the style and configuration of garden room that is right for you. This way you’ll know everything will work. Garden rooms are pre-fabricated off site, so the installation is fast and hassle free, so whatever you need the space for a garden room could be the simplest solution. Talk to us if you’d like more information, we will be happy to help you.