Gable Conservatory

In a Gable Conservatory the roof doesn’t slope at the front but is upright and forms a triangle shape.

A gable-end of a house is where the two slopes of a roof and wall meet forming a triangle shape at the top, this is where this conservatory got its name. Like the Georgian conservatory this is square or rectangular in shape and maximizes your internal living space. The upright front roof forms the triangular gable, which in turn lets even more light flood into your conservatory. Where you have extra height in a room it can give a feeling of grandness hence a Gable conservatory has a majestic look and feel to it by simply raising the roof at the front. If you’re looking for a light and decorative space to enjoy your garden then these conservatories might be just what you need.

This feeling of grandeur means it works superbly well with period properties. The era of opulence and magnificence was back in the Georgian times and this conservatory can give you the similar feeling without the extra expense of a Lantern conservatory or an Orangery. Yet this conservatory also works well with a modern house, in fact they look fantastic especially on detached properties.


Sometimes these conservatories are referred to as the Regency conservatory. The Regency period was known for its decorative glass and often the gable end of the conservatory is used to incorporate a decorative glass feature. A popular choice is to incorporate a ‘rising sun’ into the shape of the conservatory frame.

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Gable conservatory


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