Climate Control

Climate control systems – essential in any conservatory

To stay cool in Summer and warm in Winter, you need an efficient climate control system in your conservatory, so you can be sure of enjoying exactly the right temperature every day – all year round!

Factors such as overshadowing from trees and walls must be taken into consideration. Fortunately we can provide different solutions to ensure the perfect climate in your conservatory:

  • Ridgeflow ventilation unit – mechanically assisted and thermostatically controlled to provide up to 4 changes of air per hour – even when you’re out!
  • Trickle Ventilation – ensures the natural upward movement of warm air to carry moisture to the roof apex, allowing it to filter to the outside
  • Roof vents – highly insulated, with optional manual or electric openers. Thermostats and rain sensors allow for automatic opening and closing
  • Ventilated support trim – a trim that fits between the wall and roof with built-in ventilation and comes with a slider on/off control button
  • Fans – a range of roof ridge mounted fans for gentle air movement. Supplied with standard pull chain or infra-red remote control
  • Heating – you could extend your homes central heating system and fit radiators in your conservatory. Alternatively you could choose underfloor heating, electric wall heaters, or simply use freestanding heating appliances